AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Slowpoke
PAX: Duke, Debris, Jerry Moon, MooMoo, Slowpoke, SoCrates, Waders, Tonka, SAG, Prime (Birt Garner), John Hankinson (Gator), Dirty Dawg, Noodles, Freon, mall cop, Busch
FNGs: 1 Busch

Created by chat Gpt. Pax decided to use strenuous as an adjective to give chat. This is what followed.

1. Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks) – 20 reps IC
2. Imperial Walkers – 20 reps IC
3. Windmills – 15 reps OYO
4. Arm Circles – 15 reps forward and backward IC


Repeat the following circuit 3 times.

1. Merkins (Push-ups) – 20 reps
2. Squats – 30 reps
3. LBCs (Little Baby Crunches) – 40 reps
4. Burpees – 15 reps

Run a lap between each circuit

Ralph’s ridge
Bear crawl to first speed bump
Run back down
Bernie to second speed bump
Run back down
Sprint up Ralph and do 5 merkins at each speed bump.


Heel touch 30 seconds
Plank hold 1 min


Convergence this Saturday
Run at MA Friday 0515


Tonka brother in law mental health, Sags grandmother fall, SoCrates niece allergic reaction