AO: ao-yard
Q: Maestro
PAX: OneHit, Maestro, Fun Run, NardDog, Spackler, Piggyback, T-Swizzle, Ratatouille, Mr. Beast, Szczerbiak, Pony Express
FNGs: None

It was a good idea but 3 burpees every time the rooster crowed was suspended after 30 burpees in a row and the second rooster chimed in

WARMUP: Willy mays hays 20 ic
Imperial Walkers 20 ic
Hill billies 20 ic

A melody of exercises comprised of thee rounds adding an extra exercise each round

First round:
20 Jumping squats
20 squats
10 Bonnie Blair’s hard way
50 ic calf raises

2nd round same thing added howling monkeys

3rd round same thing added mike Tyson’s

Went to the wall for some donkey kick offs

5 kicks – 5 sec hold
10 kicks – 10 sec hold
15 kicks – 15 sec hold
20 kicks -20 sec hold

Then to the hill for Bernie
5 rounds Bernie with 10 squats at bottom and at the top

>From the bottom a AYG to top of hill then mosey to flag

COT: one-hit was our 6th man
Thanks for sharing brother