AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: The Grinch
PAX: Back Draft, Biff, Cousin Eddie, ER, The Grinch, Waterboy, Ranga, Animal
FNGs: None

SSH IC x 15
Daisy pickers IC x 10
Toe touch x 30 sec
Burpee x 10
Don Quixote IC x 10
Apollo Creed Burpee x 5


Bataan Death Crawl to Trench
(Imagine an Indian run with bear crawls)

Burp back Mountain!
Starting at the bottom of the trench, PAX teamed up with a partner. Partner 1 would begin doing burpees while the other ran up and down the hill 5x. 100 burpees was the goal!

Mosey to the parking lot where we began the Burp and Merk.

Beginning with a traditional burpee then adding additional merkins to each burpee. Starting with 1 merkin, up to 10, then back to 1.


Plank x 30 sec
Plank on elbows x 30 sec
While still in plank position, pickle pounders IC x 5
Rosalitas x 10
LBC’s x 50


5k at MaxFitness on Saturday.


CE house finally settled.
WaterBoy’s niece still recovering.