AO: Ao–Scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: The Grinch, Back Draft, Colonator, Colonator (he’s not 100% in and I’m not loving this name)
FNGs: 1 Colonator (he’s not 100% in and I’m not loving this name)
Mission, 5 core

Bear Hugs
Hamstring Stretch
Willie Mays Hayes
Daisy Pickers


Mosey to concrete pad
5 sets
10 Coupon Swings
20 plank jacks
10 HR Merkin
Run to end of pad and run backwards back

11’s. Merkin and Goblet Squat on each end of the slab (sounds better than pad)

5 sets
10 coupon swings
20 shoulder taps
10 Merkin with the coupon pulled under you after each rep
Run to end of slab and run backwards back

Flutter kicks IC
Freddie Mercury IC
Devil in the frying pan
American Hammers IC

Convergence was fun, challenging and I shared the story of Jesus covering debts and how that eliminates the need for quid pro quo in the world.
Why do we want The Scrape to grow?
– some personal reasons that may be wrong thinking
– we know someone out there could benefit
Families grieving because of untimely passing of family members.