AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: T-Zo (Pat Day)
PAX: Q-Tip, Capsize, The Hoff, Chaps, Moon Dolphin, SeaFood, Plato, Firefly
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, 15 burps for tardiness, BAC, high knees, quad stretch, runner stretch, Daisy pickers
THE THANG: inch worm halfway to fountain, Peter Parker rest of the way, 270° swirly
Level 10 pushup (increasingly Devine pushup starting at 10 pushups and dropping to 1 as pax gets their feet higher up on the wall) with 10 box jumps in between (total 100 box jumps)
Recess (tabata 20s on, 10s off) for 9 mins (calf raises, dips, pistol squats, indeed row, merican, ssg, flutterkicks, pullups
MARY: merican hammer, v up roll up, 1 min plank
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1776 coming up