AO: ao-big-bertha
Q: Scooter
PAX: OneHit, Myrtle, Papa Roach, Houlihan, Paul Lader, Flowmax, Scooter
FNGs: None
Disclaim, 5-core principles, Credo, Mission Statement

YHC planted the shovel flag to the hilt due to high winds. Papa Roach stated he enjoy watching lightning during a storm, then almost on demand the overhead flashes began. As we ventured along the ruck path we observed “sparks flying” from a power pole junction. One hit called out aloud, “watch out for pw’r lines” and all PAX continued rucking on opposite side of street. At this point YHC wasn’t sure if the “sparking power lines were due to storm or some critter chewing of the lines. However, at the COT I believe Myrtle said, ” I did ease toward power pole incase a squirrel was zapped to go with his salad for lunch. We will never know.



she stayed at the house

• Huff Puff Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5K Saturday, Jan 20, 2024. Dauset Trails, Jackson, GA .
• Annual Cantrell Center 5K & 1 Mile is Saturday, February 24th, 2024 at 405 Osigian Blvd. in Warner Robins
-Need for Speed (F3 will be push four carts carrying racers)
• Chaps will retire from Airforce with Tater Salad as MC
-Thank you for your service
• Szscerbiak will began F3 “Q source” book study, if PAX interested
• Ingleside Baptist Men’s hike sign-up.
-Our very own Maestro will Q Men’s hike

-Traveling mercies for Myrtle and Powell-going to SC
-Flomax’s business blessings-business is flourishing
-Scooter’s M (Ravenclaw)

Myrtle led Prayer
Pledged it out