AO: ao-yard
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Mr. Beast, Piggyback, Baby Daddy, Fun Run, Brutus, Buick, Jiffy, Run Flat, Kenny Powers
FNGs: None
SSH x20
5 Core Principles
BAC Forward x10
BAC Reverse x10
Mission Statement
Worlds Greatest Stretch Left
Worlds Greatest Stretch Right
Daisey Pickers x15

Pax moseyed to the carpool area to find discs laid out in a large circle that resembles an old rotary phone. On each disc there was an exercise and the amount of reps. See below:

9 = 30 Bent Over Ruck Rows
8 = 30 Ruck Squat Thrusters
7 = 30 Overhead Ruck Squats
6 = 25 Per Leg Front Carry Ruck Lunges
5 = 30 Ruck Goblet Squats
4 = 30 Overhead Ruck Press
3 = 30 Overhead Ruck Tricep Extensions
2 = 30 Ruck Swings
1 = 50 Ruck Curls
0 = 30 Upright Ruck Rows

Moving clockwise around the circle, Pax overhead carried their rucks to the first digit of their phone number. Once at that number, they were to complete the exercise, then left of right hand carry their ruck moving counterclockwise back to 0. Once back at 0, Pax would then move to the second number of their phone number. At around 5:50 it was obvious who had lower digit phone numbers. Those Pax then held plank for the 6 and then we moseyed back to the flag just in time for a few minutes of Mary.

LBC x30
Peter Parkers x15 the hard way
Aqua Man until called
Wonder Woman until called
Superman until called

2.0 Event 08.05.23
5k’s, 10k’s, 1/2 Marathons on the horizon
Pop-ups popping up (Thursday @ Publix, Friday @ FPD, Monday @ Tattnall)

Prayers for Fun Run and Staff tonight during software conversion and hopes that all involved will keep a cool head throughout the transition.