AO: ao-moneypit
Q: Mr. Beast
PAX: Buick, Mr. Beast, Ratatouille, Skidder, Szczerbiak, FreeBird
FNGs: None
Bear hug
Don Quixote
Shoulder shrug
Quad stretch
Daisy picker
Staggered merkins

One pax murder bunny to light pole and Cusack back while the others tabata 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest:
Shoulder taps
Crab boil
Freddie mercury
Peter Parker

Mosey around back
Wall sit for 30 count

Mosey to fountain
Irkins 40
Hook ups 35
Irkins 30
Hook ups
Irkins 20
Hook ups 15
Irkins 10
Hook ups 5

Mosey around back
Wall sit for 30 count
YHC left his phone at the fountain and took a jog while I assume Buick led the PAX in burpees.

Mosey to flag for PAX choice Mary

Mr. Beast LBC
Skidder box cutters
Freebird little mermaids
Buick burpees LBC

Still need about three men Saturday night to greet visitors at the downtown Christmas lights
12 miles of ruckmas sat dec 16 0400 red dawn
Breakfast for Crossroads wed dec 13

Prayed for Gaylord, wife and daughters, please give healing, peace, understanding. Thanked God for doctors and healthcare professionals.
Prayed for the men at Crossroads.
Prayed for Handbell and the Christmas program at Ingleside. Thanked God for Tim McCoy and his lifetime of ministry.
Zerb shares the verse of the day and some reflection.
Ratatouille was our sixth man. Ratatouille Jr should be born in the next day. Praise God for the miracle. Prayed for ratatouille and M.