AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: T-Zo (Pat Day)
PAX: Steven DeGeorge, TI (Adam C), Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Weezer, T-Zo (Pat Day), Mountain Mama, Moon Dolphin, Scrapple, Firefly, Seafood, Stone Cold, Con Air
FNGs: None
high knees, bear hug, butt kick, big arm circles, Daisy picker, quad stretch, groin stretch, runner’s lunge and split
1 mile Indian run as a group, kept 12min pace
lunge walk 300ft, Peter Parker crawl 150ft, squat jump 200ft, bear crawl/crab walk 200ft
mosey to playground. each pax did amrap unassisted pullups then without dropping did another 3+ assisted pullups (2nd pax held ankles). other pax waited in 6″ hold or plank
12×4 count ‘merican, 10×4 count skull crusher (similar to diamond merican), 5 OYO burpees
mosey to start pt for Mary
20x 4ct merican hammer
10x 4ct side v up each side
15x 4ct flutter kicks
1 min plank hold
all about animals 5k, 10.2k & 1 mi next Saturday May 6 (
That’s a good warm up for CONVERGENCE May 13 – sign up
prayer for a vehicle for the Gant family, for the Lord’s comfort and direction as TI is feeling overwhelmed, for us as fathers, husbands, and men to be strengthened by the Lord and lead with attention to people as well as tasks b