AO: Ao-Streakers
Q: Dirty Dawg, Micro, Dill (Blake Cannady)
PAX: Michael Smallwood(Bull), Ralph, Debris, Dill (Blake Cannady), Bread Box, Myrtle, Duke, Dirty Dawg, Micro, Cabbage, Villa, Tour Guide
FNGs: None
WARMUP: F3, NPBC, Big House, Micro, Dirty Dawg not responsible/ liable for your running/ ruck technique- push but don’t hurt yourself; modify as you see necessary. Ran through run options of 2-6 mi- roads available etc. Hamstring stretch, quad stretch, groin stretch, free stretch… be back by 6:50ish with Sonrise Service @ 7am. Let’s roll!
THE THANG: Every man enjoyed the fellowship & accountability. Plenty of good conversation & camaraderie. Grateful for my fellow athletes pushing each other to always improving.
MARY: Hello Mary, thank you for the conversation with the Master Gardener-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: several… one for here- Anchor of Hope 5k.

Encouragement to have goals & purpose to exercise. IE Bull’s lost over 13 pounds!!
COT: Countarama 12 made it back- leave no man behind. Namarama Completed. Tour Guide’s & Debris’s mums. Pledge & Prayed it out. Off to Sunrise Service!