AO: None
Q: Matt Buren-f3 Cub
FNGs: None

Don Quixote
butt kicks
Empirial Walkers
Side Straddle Hops
Calf Walks

Relay on the Soccer Field
30 Merkins
Run to your buddy
LBC till buddy completes 30 merkins and taps you
Bear crawl while buddy starts doing LBC
other buddy is waiting for you at the end doing Air Sqauts till you arrive
Bear crawl to air squat buddy
crab walk from air squat to LBC guy.
Start doing Superman while LBC guy Bernies back to merkin station.
do Reverse Merkins 30 Nd 30 regular merkins then repeat till everyone does everything.

Coupons 30 curls, 30 overhead press and 30 bent over rows repeat till song Sweet Dreams finishes.

Goblet squat while Buddy lunges 40 yards and bernies back two sets.

Ran 3/4 mile

25 Double Count LBC
15 Count WW2 sit ups
90 second plank
Labored Day Race
Wilderness as alternative site to Iron Pax

COT: Pray for Chapps son and school
Pray for TI in parenting
Pray for Cub and Wife being out of town this week.