AO: Ao-Foxhole
PAX: MooMoo, Jerry Moon, Tonka, SoCrates, John Hankinson (Gator), Grimace, Garth, Prime (Birt Garner), SAG, McFly, Busch
FNGs: None
Bear Hugs 10IC
Daisey Pickers 10IC
Hillbillies 10IC
Willie Mays Hays 10IC
Mosey to the bottom of Ralphs Ridge.
5 Exercises. 10-Mike Tysons, 20-Hillbilly Squats, 30 Merkins, 40 LBC’s, 50 SSH’s. Run to first speed bump and back. Remove 1 exercise, but add 5 reps to the other exercises, run to 2nd speed bump. Rinse and repeat until we make it all the way up the hill. Moo Moo caught on and the last exercise removed was the run all the way to the top.
Split in to 2 teams. 1 team will AMRAP 1 of the five exercise whiel the other runs half way up Ralph’s Ridge and do 5 burpess, run to the top and finish with 5 burpees. Yell 6 is in and team on bottom makes their way up the ridge while the team at the top AMRAPs. Had a little time to Mary, 5’s dips and calf raises.
Hills to Heaven 15 OYO
Freddie Mercury’s 20IC
Heal Touches 20IC
Australian Snow Angel’s 10IC
Plank to the 6
ANNOUNCEMENTS: All night Ruck June 2nd
COT: Socrates was our 6th man. Continued prayers for his dad. He had a setback with the cancer treatment.