AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Maestro
PAX: Maestro, Steven DeGeorge, T-Zo (Pat Day), Chaps
FNGs: None
4 men beat the fartsack by not coming up with an excuse on why they couldn’t be there. It was a nice brisk morning slight chill in the air and yhc was excited to throw joggers on for the first time this year. Next up will be the tshirt hoodie

There was thought to putting mountain mamas kayak in the fountain but time was of the essence

WARMUP: daisy pickers
Imperial walkers

THE THANG: “pearls on a string”
Mosey a bit then stop for exercises in all we moseyed 1/2 mile around the park doing the following

100 American hammers hard way
100 gas pumps
Peoples chair
W/ raise toes ic, raise heels ic, raise each leg ic
100 heal touches hard way
25 dips
25 derkins
25 irkins
15 dips
15 derkins
15 irkins
100 flutter kicks hard way

Then a round of catch me if you can: Bernie around loop while partner is doing lunge walks – 1 full round

MARY: box cutter 25
6” hold until some one calls quits (YHC)
Low plank for 30 sec
ANNOUNCEMENTS: wilderness cookout at #aboutface!
COT: prayer for each man

Great morning men! I enjoyed being with you Gents