AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Downy
PAX: Lipitor, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, OneHit, Schrute, Downy, Geppetto, Scooter, Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Run Flat, Brutus, Myrtle, Fun Run, Cisco, French Lick
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Welcome, Intro, Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles, Mission Statement, Credo
THE THANG: Nice breezy and dark morning as seems to be the norm this time of year. We managed to ruck a lovely 3.4ish miles with a little bit of community weight prior to the Murph festivities kicking off at 0700. YHC had some great conversation and is sure the rest of the HIM did as well.
MARY: Nope!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Murph @ 0700.
Fieldstone Clay Shoot in support of CrossRoads June 17 @ 0800
DHT001 June 23 – see Slack for details
Patriot (1776) Games – July 4
COT: In honor & memory of those American Patriots that have gone before, serve, and will serve after us to keep us safe in this nation. Prayers for Geppetto and his family in the passing of his aunt, as well as healing from tick bite.