AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Szczerbiak
PAX: Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Szczerbiak
FNGs: None
We rucked 2.5 miles through the Mercer Campus while we prayed. The weather was cool and crisp – perfect! The whole ruck is a moving COT.

Mercer Campus – For the remnant of believers: for their boldness. For a return to Mercer’s first love. For a revival at this campus.

Cub – For Cub’s M Jamie and their expectant child in February. That Cub would lead his family well in this time of change.

Capsize – That he would quickly recover from his foot injury and our thankfulness for him. We prayed for his older children and for Capsize’s ability to lead.

Szerb – Thankful for Cub coming out for the Prayer Ruck! Praying for wisdom about some family decisions – Needing wisdom! Praying for clarity, yet knowing that if things were perfectly clear then it wouldn’t be faith.

F3 Men – That each man would lead their families well in this holiday season, that we won’t get sucked into all the commercialism that is so easy to take part in.

Ingleside Baptist Pastor Search – We talked about 2 Corinthians and how it relates to the church in America and how vital Godly leadership is – How even in Corinth (and through most of the Epistles in the New Testament) the church was being dragged away from the truth by false teachers who could give great speeches and who could talk and really well. Praying for wisdom for those on the search committee to avoid these pitfalls!