AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick
PAX: ER, Cousin Eddie, Biff, Whoopee, John Denver, Back Draft, Bagpipe, The Grinch
FNGs: None
Pokemon Themed Work out, because I am a Nerd

Disclaimer-I am not a professional
Central not responsible
F3 not resonsible
Modify as necessary

Every Pokemon Trainer worth his salt has to know how to throw a pokeball. Pax tossed around toy basketball and recited:
5 Core Principles
Mission Statement


Pokemon Theme Song-Catch em all
To improve our Pokeball throwing skills,
we did

LAC forward and Back
BAC Forward and back

Pokemon Trainers walk everywhere so

10 Imperial Walkers IC


Mosey to front of church

The Figure 8

Top Circle-A pokemon trainer can only carry 6 pokemon at one time, so we simulated battling and catching pokemon by running and doing burpees, because why not.

1 Burpee, run small circle, repeat adding burpee each time up to 6, then go back to 1

Big Circle

Triples Threat, Pokemon style
Complete each movement and excercise over 1/3 of 400m track
1st Third-Slow Bro Slog,
Walk then 30 Merkins OYO
2nd Third-Jigglypuff Jog,
Jog then 20 Squats OYO
3rd Third-Rapidash Run,
Run then 10 Squats IC
Repeat one more time

Back to flag


Magicarp Mary-Magicarp is a fish that lays on its side doing body flails (kinda like me during Mary) until it turns into Gyarados, a Ferocious Flying Sea Dragon. We all come to F3 flailing about but if we stick with it we too become something far greater than what were before.

Pokemon also helps bring people together.

Free to lead, each member called out Mary exercise.

Freddie Mercury
Gas Pumps
Heel Touchs
Box Cutters
Iraqi Sit Ups
Devil In The Frying Pan
1 Minute Plank

Cousin Eddie picked up our last few minutes with a Post game jog around the AO

Count orama
Name o rama
Annoucements: June Faith Challenge
Prayer Request: Family sickness, Missing Pax

I shared how the book of Joshua tells us to be Strong and Couragious for the Lord is with us wherever we go. My son asked me hard questions lately and I needed the courage to be honest with him even if it made him upset.