AO: ao-about-face
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: OneHit, GPS, Myrtle, Mr. Fixit, Tater Salad, Beaver, Scooter, Flowmax, Seth Peed, Carolina Lean, Mr. Beast, Pony Express(great to have him back out there)
FNGs: None
SSH – 25 IC
Daisy Picker – 10 IC
Mountain Climber -20 IC
Bear Hug – 10 IC
Burpee – 10 OYO
Grabbed coupon for next few:
Mini Hair Burners – also known as Crossroads wake up call – 10 IC each arm
Groiners w a Merkin – 15 IC
Grave Digger – 10 IC hard way
Tricep Extension – 12, 10, 8 IC
Farmers Carry down to what’s it called? American Faves or something? Spent well over a year at Crossroads and never eat there. That’s called discipline I guess.
Overhead Press – 15 IC
Murder Bunny the lot
Manmaker – 5 OYO
Redrum or reverse murder bunny back(thanks Scooter)
Curls – 20 IC
Cusack the lot
Manmaker – 5 OYO
Cusack back
Kettle Bell Swing – 20 OYO
Lunge walk the lot
Manmaker – 5 OYO
Lunge Walk back
Farmers carry back to About Face
Merkin – 10 IC

5K Sat evening in Gray at JC high school I believe – Lucas Kade
Get your annual physical scheduled if you haven’t

So much shared today too hard to remember it all. A few prayer requests but even more praises. Thank you all for sharing. And thank you for making me laugh just as I was trying to get the Q started. I needed that.