AO: ao-yard
Q: Tater Salad
PAX: Snoopy, Mr. Fixit, Beaver, Baby Daddy, Szczerbiak, FreeBird, Piggyback, Downy, Spackler, Nard Dog, Bozo
FNGs: None

Daisy pickers

Sandbag Indian run around loop until all have completed then to wall

Wall work
5 Mike Tysons 20 hip slappers
30 sec wall sit starts when six is in
Rinse and Repeat going up 5 on Mike Tyson’s and down 5 on hip slappers each round

Sandbag Indian run around loop to finish leftovers sopping at blacktop

Curb to Curb or Edge to Edge
2 Broad jumps 5 burpee 2 lunges 5 BBSU full length of blacktop.
Return to start via speed skaters to halfway point then high knees the other half
Lunge walk and merkins unlit the six

Circle up for Iron Hulk
Merkins:Air presses at 1:4 ratio
Goal for time 10:40 ratio

Mosey to Mary

Iron Cross flutter kicks, Dollys, Leg Lifts and Gas Pumps.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: final announcement for 2.0 event Saturday.  
Mr. Fix It in balancing new commitments and family time
Piggyback daughter making progress
Baby Daddy work/life balance and discipline in job training
Tater Wife’s health continues to improve