AO: Ao-Downrange
Q: Piggyback
PAX: Justin Heape
FNGs: None
In the yard by the river in Blue Ridge on this nice cool morning of the first vacation of the Summer, finding ourselves downrange and in perfect weather, we had a nice little family BEATDOWN!

Shared the disclaimer, the 5 core principals, the credo, and helped Crawlspace through the mission statement. Attempted to have our Pa join us to no avail.


Hillbilly walkers x 12 IC
Imperial Walker x 12 IC
Willie mays Hays x 14 IC
Don Quixote x 10 IC
Daisy pickers x 12 IC
Big arm circles x 12 IC
Bear hugs x 6 IC


4 Corners x 10 rounds
Hold plank at center after each round for 6
10 reps per exercise less 1 rep per round

Corner 1- Peter Parker’s
Corner 2- Merkins
Corner 3- Bobby Hurleys
Corner 4- Burpees

Finished with time for some 11s of Mike Tyson and Box Cutters with Bear Crawls down and Bernie Sander back. Made it half way through when Mary snuck up on us.


Hello dolly’s x 15 IC
Flutter kicks x 15 IC
High/low plank x 10 IC
LBC x 21 IC
ABCs to finish


Lunch around noon, ruck at some point later today.


Talked through some of the nuances of F3 Workouts, their structure, and how regions are freed to lead as they see fit outside of the 5 core principals. Prayed over our mountain trip, F3 Macon, and F3 Albany as the Lord moves and sharpens us.

Prayed and pledged.