AO: ao-yard
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: Gaylord, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Mr. Beast, Mr. Fixit, Szczerbiak, Dangerfield, 0
FNGs: 1 0

SSH – 25 IC
Daisy Picker – 15 IC
Willie Mays Hays – 10 IC
Baby Arm Circles – 10 IC each way
Chinook – 20 IC
Perfect Merkin – 10 OYO
(Hand release at the bottom tapping both shoulders at the top) – also known as No Cheat Merkin

Moseyed over to the carpool loop for:
10 Perfect Merkins
And a lap around the loop

250 is possible but not in the allotted time I don’t think….

We did 17 sets followed by a brief mosey around the loop

All total 170 Perfect Merkins and I found out at the end we had moseyed exactly 2 miles

Imperial Walker – 25 IC

So many – check slack

Gruel – family dynamic and M’s work situation
Zerb enlightened us on taking the red pill – and that doesn’t mean just getting up to do F3
Which took us in the direction of HOPE – and what or who are we putting our hope in. There is only one it should be and His name is Jesus. Take the red pill, get out of bed and walk. Put one foot in front of the other and keep your eyes focused on Him. He will give us our daily bread.

Thanks for showing up and for letting me lead in a very boring and repetitive workout. But ….we accomplished a lot and can build off that for the rest of the day. Love yall! -Fixit