AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Michael Smallwood(Bull)
PAX: Duke, Buick, Michael Smallwood(Bull), Freon, Deliverance
FNGs: 1 Deliverance
Daisy Pickers IC
Bear Hugs IC
Hill Billy’s IC
Willie May’s Hays
CopperHead Squats IC
Get two large coupons and 2 small coupons
Go up to sidewalk behind gym on the large hill side
Full size coupons were saddled with a rope and handle
As a pax, we completed the exercises. Each member was at a different exercise and they did reps until we rotated. Rotation was based on the coupon drag. When it made it to the top of the hill, the pax rotated exercises.
Drag large coupon up the hill
200 Flys (with bricks)
300 Lunges
Drag large coupon up the hill
400 Merkins
500 Squats
Drag large coupon up the hill
600 Overhead Claps
700 Plank Jacks
Drag large coupon up the hill
800 Moroccan Night Clubs
900 Mountain Climber(we did not get this far)

50 Nolan Ryan
60 Flutter Kicks
70 LBC
6 inches til 6
Travis Manion, Anchor of Hope, Mud Run, Convergence
Duke’s Car and Washer, Buick to build a better relationship with the Lord, praise for allowing us to come out and better ourselves