AO: ao-downrange
Q: Duke
PAX: Carolina Lean
FNGs: None

It’s the weekend before the Labor Day Road Race, so YHC decided he needed to turn on the jets and see how much fuel was in the tank. Mr. Fixit came out to welcome us to the Colony, but he received an urgent message to return to the Royal Throne.  Daisy Pickers 8 IC Calf Stretch (hard way) Stretch what you need.  

THE THANG:   Everyone set off in search of adventure and got their miles in.  YHC spent the first mile with DD and great mumble chatter ensued. My phone buzzed after the mile and I looked down to see a 8:24 pace 😳 For me to PR Monday, I’d need around an 8:40/mile, so the push was greatly appreciated.  

MARY:   She’s taking the day off after working so hard this week.  

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   LDRR Monday, Macon Music Half, first weekend in November, Iron PAX Challenge every Saturday this month, coffeeteria after LDRR at Snooze’s place of occupation.  

COT:  Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama ✅  Carolina Lean was our 6th man today. He got his name from DD since he’s a mechanic and knows all about tricking out of a truck. He’s running his first race Monday and is excited for the chase. Prayers for his work load.  DD talked about a book he’s currently reading: “The Comfort Crisis.” The author says you need to get out at least once a year and find something to push yourself out of your prescribed comfort zone. The two rows were to find something that you have at least a 50% chance of failing and don’t die.  

Pledge it Out.  

Pray it Out.