AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Palladean
PAX: Debris, Dill, Dirty Dawg, Jerry Moon, John Hankinson (Gator), McFly, Mitchell Thompson, MooMoo, Noodles, Palladean, SAG, SoCrates, Tonka, Busch, Garth
FNGs: None

Bear Hugs
Arm Circles with Molly song


I had 2 options in my hand depending on if it rained or not so we went with the Dry one

Mosey to Mt McFly
Circle Up. All us did the 10 Burpees for Debris and Busch tardy penalty

Anyone wearing Adidas shoes or apparel move to middle
That would be Garth

My Adidas by Run DMC
Plank position
Mtn climbers for song
Burpee ups each Adidas (a bunch)

5 Core Principles
Mission Statement

Partner up
Mad Jacks
1 pax run hill 1X
Other pax exercise
200 SSH
200 Plankjacks

Mosey to another parking lot

Circle up for a newly renamed new exercise called Billy Squiers

COP Billy Squiers
Done to the song The Stroke
Pax holds Al Gore while each pax does 10 squats while holding Al gore arm position(Billy Squiers)

Definitely was a little uncomfortable on a couple levels which is exactly what YHC was going for😬

Then Mosey over for a quick game of Deck of Death

Deck of Death
Clubs = Mtn Climbers
Hearts = WW 1 Sit-ups
Spades = Bonnie Blair
Diamonds= Nolan Ryan

Mary called so we cut it short and headed for Ralph Ridge

Pax Choice up the hill
Bear Crawl(say What?)
Sprint to top

All this done to YHC most Excellent playlist which again was 80’s heavy today. No Apologies!!  


Heels to Heaven
LBC 45
Heal Touches 2x

Flutter Kicks
Big Boy Sit-ups

All night ruck- get out of your comfort zone opportunity BIGTIME
Sign up to Q you filthy animals!

Noodles wife
Palladean’s niece
Thanked The Lord for all us being able to do this thing today