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Q: OneHit
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Im OneHit. I’ll be your Q today & despite my appearance I am neither sponsored by Goruck nor a professional.
I’m also not responsible for you, neither is f3 or FPD. You are out here on your own free will.
Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.

Bear hugs, daisy pickers, chinooks, ssh x 12

Let’s mosey

Moseyed to football field where there was a beautiful easel at mid field that looked like it belonged at jssappe Christian counseling.
On the easel was a white board with a beatdown written on it.
So we did it.
It went something like this:

Mental Battle WOD.

Starting in the middle, run to Station 1, do the exercise, then run back to middle, do burpees, then run to Station 2, do that exercise, then run back to middle, burpees, and so on. Once you’ve gone to all 4 stations with burpees in between, that round is over and you’ll progress to the next round. Add an exercise at each station each round.

For example: during Round 3, at Station 1, you’ll do ten hand release merkins, ten clap merkins, and ten toe tap merkins, then run to the middle, do eight burpees, go to Station 2 and do the three exercises there, etc.

We all stayed together as we did round 1 and each time we came to the middle, after burpees, I read two of these 8 statistics:

1. Although men are marginally less likely than women to develop a significant mental illness during their lifetimes, about 1 in 2 men will have a diagnosable disorder at some point in their lifetimes.

2. Men are about 2x less likely than women to seek help if problems do occur.

3. Almost 50% of men feel that they are struggling more than they admit to people in their life.

4. Depression looks significantly different in men than in women… Women tend to present as sad and withdrawn, while men tend to present as irritable and angry.

5. Men are 2-3x more likely to abuse substances in an attempt to manage their mental health, which often leads to other health problems.

6. Suicide rates in men have been steadily increasing over the past 20 years, and at present, men are 4x more likely than women to die by suicide, and this risk increases with age.

7. Therapists that specialize in working with men often use different strategies to make therapy feel more approachable… therapy doesn’t have to look like sitting in an office and crying about your feelings!

8. Therapists have historically done a pretty crappy job of helping men, though things are slowly changing. Men often go to therapy at the urging of a loved one, but men tend to drop out of therapy sooner than women because they find it unhelpful. This is a legitimate problem, and you’re not crazy if you’ve tried therapy before and it wasn’t helpful for you! If you’re thinking about reaching out to a therapist, consider finding one that has specific expertise in working with men. (from Giles, who is a therapist and can offer this opinion form a place of experience).

Reading all 8 by the end of round 1

YHC also encouraged the men and shared some personal thoughts and experiences with them as well.

We all struggle out here together physically, today is about recognizing that we also struggle mentally and committing to be there for our brothers.
Reach out if you see someone in need and be willing to ask for help if you are the one in need.
I love you me and I’ll always do whatever I can to help.
After a silent round 1 it was a celebration for the freedom that is available to each of us and every man for himself exercise wise.
& we all got some.

1 round = 1 trip to all 4 stations, coming back to the middle in between

5 stations designed around out 5 core principles

Middle Station (COT)

Round 1 = 2 Burpees (for a total of 8)
Round 2 = 4 Burpees (for a total of 16)
Round 3 = 8 Burpees (for a total of 32)
Round 4 = 16 Burpees (for a total of 64)

(Double Burpee count each round, so Round 4 would be 16 burpees each time you come to the middle)

Station 1 (Free)

Round 1 – Hand Release Merkins x10
Round 2 – Add Clap Merkins x10
Round 3 – Add Toe Touch Merkins x10
Round 4 – Add Mike Tysons x10

Station 2 (All Men)

Round 1 – Shoulder Tap x15 (Double Count)
Round 2 – Add Mountain Climbers x15 (Double Count)
Round 3 – Add Peter Parkers x15 (Double Count)
Round 4 – Add Donkey Kicks x15 (Double Count)

Station 3 (Held Outside)

Round 1 – Monkey Humpers x20
Round 2 – Add Bonny Blairs x20 (Single Count)
Round 3 – Add Side Lunges x20 (Single Count)
Round 4 – Add Jump Squats x20

Station 4 (Peer Led)

Round 1 – LBCs x25
Round 2 – Add Freddy Mercuries x25 (Double Count)
Round 3 – Add Heels to Heaven x25
Round 4 – Add Superman 25X

Many finished all four rounds and as we picked each other up, we were encouraged to do another 16 burpees to end with our brothers.
I reminded the men that the extra mile is not lined with spectators, yet we do it anyway.
So we went the extra mile together.
Not all we’re happy about being asked to do the last 16 but I believe all we’re happy that we did them.

Big arm circles & Bear Bugs x 10

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 5 year Convergence events May 12 and 13, Travis Manion Wod, Murph etc. Anchor of Hope 5k
COT: Prayer for Geppetto friends in loss of child during pregnancy, Ingleside mens hike, downy peers who struggle w/ anxiety , depression and finding their way & Gepetto small group as well. Any and all F3 brothers and their relationships.

Lots of good reflection and mumble chatter.
Glad we did this one and grateful for you all.

Good Work Men!!!!!