AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Dill
PAX: Grimace, Michael Smallwood(Bull), Dill, Noodles, Duke, Palladean
FNGs: None
Welcome, Disclaimer, Mission Statement
WARMUP: Shoulder Taps OYO 2min
Bear Hug IC 21
Cooperhead Squat 15 IC
Calf Stretch 10 IC
Farmer’s carry up and down the hill with 2 coupons. If and when you drop the coupons, you owe yourself 10 Abyss Merkins. This went on for 10 minutes.

Moved right into Quadraphilla. Bernie up hill, mosey down for 4 minutes.

COP Abyss Merkins OYO AMRAP to failure

Mosey to parking lot for some cardio….SSH Suicides=10 SSH at Half way point and Far end of parking lot we went for 7 rounds.

MARY: Flutter kick 21 IC
Heel touch 10 IC
Move feet 2 inches further away…Heel touch 10 IC
6in leg lift for 45 seconds
ANNOUNCEMENTS: All night Ruck June 2nd
COT: Grimace- Friends wife mental health, Noodles- wife is sick, Graduating Seniors