AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Piggyback
PAX: Buick, Flowmax, Baby Daddy, Nature Boy, Run Flat, GPS, Piggyback, Mr. Fixit, Brutus, Capsize, Huffy, OneHit, Turnbuckle, 1Z, Suds
FNGs: None
Disclaimer, 5 core principals, mission statement, and credo were reviewed.

Great morning for not much of a mystery…will there be man makers or not? Not today…bear hugs made the cut! Great to see 15 PAX out this nice morning.


Daisy Pickers 12 IC
Imperial Walkers 10 IC
Willie Mays Hays 10 IC
Big Arm Circles 9 IC
Little Arm Circles 9 IC
Bear Hugs 7 IC


We had multiple rounds of varying reps each.

Round 1: 16 reps each exercise (single count where applicable)

Round 2: 14 reps each exercise (single count where applicable)

Round 3: 12 reps each exercise (single count where applicable)

Round 4: 10 reps each of Irkins & Derkins when we were welcomed to Mary.

Each exercise was a double set of the following exercises.

Irkins &

Front Raises &
Upright Rows

Lunges &
Goblet Squats

Shoulder Press &
Mower Pulls

Curls &
Tricep Extension

Kettlebell Swings &

Bear Hugs x 7 between each round.


Freddy Mercuries 10 IC
Flutter Kicks 10 IC
Heals to Heaven 15 OYO
Plank til 6:00 (about 45 seconds)


Check slack, Travis Manion April 29, Convergence May 12 & 13, check out new way to sign up for Q.


Should have called out a 6th man! Thanks for the reminder @Capsize

Buick- men’s hike
GPS- praise: school was better than advertised and seems to be an open door.
Mr. Fixit- 21 year old girl who has brain tumor
Huffy- Cade Bloodworth
Piggyback- Jacob Faircloth

Enjoyed it this morning and hopefully got us closer to the purpose of the Pain Lab! Good work!!