AO: Ao-Big-House
Q: Cabbage
PAX: Grimace, Dill, Micro, Robert King Leonidas, Palladean, Buford
FNGs: None
Welcome disclaimer, five core principles, credo, and mission statement

Daisy Pickers x10
Willie Mays Hayes x15
SSH x10
Shanukes x10


snippet of convergence

1 mile run
4 laps walking around the parking lot

Partner up
100 push-ups
200 big boy sit-ups
300 air squats

While one partner sprints to center and Bernie’s back the other partner works on the above exercises until the team reaches count.

10 Burpees oyo to finish is off


Pax choice Mary:
Gas pumps 25x
LBCs 50x
Side raises 15x each side
Heel touches 20x
Plank to the 6


All night ruck June 2nd, Macon Bacon fun run/5k this weekend, new slack channel starting June 1st

Praise for Palladian and his Boy Scout troop completing some cave crawling, pray for Buford’s  for patience and kindness as they are dealing with some child behavior issues, pray for Monte as the head of the school board they have some important decision coming up that causing some stress.

Pledge it out and pray it out.