AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Piggyback
PAX: OneHit, Downy, Lipitor, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Szczerbiak, Buzzard, Myrtle, Brutus, Mr. Beast, Buick, FreeBird, Run Flat, Spackler, Mr. Fixit, SEC, Ben Stallard (TaterSalad), Fun Run, Piggyback
FNGs: None
We hit the usuals and quickly got to it…


All IC
Imperial walkers x 12
Hillbilly walkers x 12
Willy mays Hays x 10
Daisy pickers x 12
Big arm circles x 12

Pardner UP for Dora Murph Mashup

Some PAX chose to carry weight while others opted out.
Some PAX chose to wear shirts as well.

Perform primary exercise while partner completes reps for secondary exercise, then switch until you have collectively completed all of the primary reps.

Primary: 100 Pullups; Secondary: 10 Burpees
Primary: 200 Merkins; Secondary: 20 down/back across court
Primary: 300 Squats; Secondary: 30 LBCs

We arrived back at the flag a tad late but got some decent action in…short & sweet.

20 x Superman OYO
20 x sky pokers OYO


We went through all of the obvious stuff, and then had a combination of 6th man/plea for PAX at the Yard on Tuesdays…we can do better! Then on to popcorn 6th man-ish sharing. It was great, and the overall sentiment was that we are all thankful for the man to our left and right out in the gloom. Good work!

Praise for Spackler’s mother turning 80 today and for her returned health. Happy Birthday!
Prayer/Praise for Crossroads- OneHit, the new guys, and the recent graduates.