AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Spackler
PAX: Capsize, Spackler, Twang, Peaches
FNGs: None
WARMUP: individual warm up as Capsize came in on two wheels

THE THANG: We rucked the campus and prayed. Topics- our children – prayed their hearts would be open to God and not just caught up in social media comparing themselves to others. Capsize has been praying at different schools on Fridays- that those students, parents and faculty are receptive to the prayer. Prayed for the various Bible studies, youth groups and organizations we are a part of that we are filled with the Spirit and we are a light to others. We need to focus on what we have and not what we don’t. That we all are more open to and make time to pray and be grateful

MARY: Nope


COT: Grateful we had this opportunity and time to pray