AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Spackler
PAX: Spackler, Szczerbiak
FNGs: None
WARMUP: It was a cool and windy 46 degrees under a waning moon.

THE THANG: Just 2 of us today so we rucked, talked and prayed. Marriage was a big topic- prayed for each of our marriages and other significant relationships in F3. It is not easy and I believe we all struggle at some times, but keep showing up, keep going the right thing, keep praying to lead the relationship well and make sure God is part of it. Also prayed for the students – especially the believers. We walked up on the Army folks warming up for some kind of physical test. They were doing a double cool count Merkin with an original burpee at the end. We almost jumped in there with them.

MARY: Nope

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence coming up. See Slack for the other stuff

COT: Prayed for each other and up-coming Mens Hike. Shout out to Zerb for picking me up today. Was not feeling well and honestly did not want to do it this morning. Going through a season where I just don’t really feel like doing F3, but I know that is the enemy at work and we can’t let him win. Lean on your brother to the left and right. Keep taking the red pill and get out of bed. That is what this is all about. Pick up the six and encourage each other. We all take our turns as the six, but it is only for a season, which will soon pass. Stay in the fight. Love you guys.