AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Spackler
PAX: Spackler
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: It was a beautiful morning to ruck. I was a lone wolf today but I enjoyed my time with the Lord. This will be a very busy week for me and I took the time to get centered and pray for my family and F3 brothers.
WARMUP: Some stretching while I reminded myself of the Disclaimer, 5 CP, MS and cedio.
THE THANG: Rucked the campus for 45 minutes. Had not been there in a couple of months and glad to see most of the road construction is finally done. It really is a nice campus.
MARY: Nope.
PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Prayed for my family and some of the prayer requests I could remember from the past couple of days. Prayers work! Keep accelerating