AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Dill (Blake Cannady)
PAX: Ralph, SAG, Palladean, Buick, Tonka, McFly, John Hankinson (Gator), MooMoo, Mitchell Thompson, Jerry Moon, Dirty Dawg, Dill (Blake Cannady), Grimace, Buford, Slowpoke, SoCrates, Debris, Dr Thunder
FNGs: 1 Dr Thunder
Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 core principles (Dirty Dawg), Creed (Ralph), Mission Statement (Buick)

WARMUP: Smurf Jacks 8 IC
Daisy Pickers 10 IC
Bear Hug 10 IC
Overhead Clap 10IC
Kraken Burpee 5 OYO

Mosey to bottom parking lot in front of school (Pax got off a little easier since we had 18 this morning, the hill I had picked out wouldn’t hold us)

Quadraphilla 4minutes…Bernie up the parking lot, sprint down.

THE THANG: Mo Money Mo Exercises

Counted off into 4 teams.

Each group had the choice to do whatever exercises from the board for a designated amount of money. The WHOLE group had to do the exercise to completion. The bottom 2 teams that earned the least amount of money would have a punishment at the end

10- Burpees $30
10- Merkins $10
10- Bonnie Blairs (Hard-way) $30
10- Mike Tysons $25
10- WW1 Sit-ups $10
10- Jungle Boy Squats $15
1-Parking lot lap (400meters) $50

Team Amount Earned in 15min AMRAP

Mosey to bottom of Ralph’s Ridge
2 losing teams Bernie to the very top
2 winning teams sprint to first speed bump and Bernie the rest

Kraken Burpee 3 OYO

MARY: Flutter Kick 21 IC
Freddie Mercury 21 IC
Heel touch 13 IC
Heel touch (moved feet 3 inches further out) 8 IC
6in Leg lift (1 min)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Anchor of Hope 5k 4/29, Travis Manion 4/29, Kids Mud Run 5/6, Convergence 5/12 & 13
Mens Hike (Buick), Mental Health of friends wife (Grimace), Socrates Dad (Cancer), Dill’s Dad (Hip Surgery Recovery)