AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Geppetto
PAX: Brutus, Mr. Fixit, OneHit, SEC, Myrtle, Capsize, Scooter, Turnbuckle, Fun Run, Geppetto, Buick, Mr. Beast, Bluebird, Jiffy
FNGs: None
Welcome and disclaimer given
Myrtle gave us our 5 core principals: we got those and we got ourselves a F3 workout.

Bearhug 10IC
Willie Mayes Hayes 10IC
Monkey Humpers 10IC

Everybody grab a coupon and then mosey to the parking lot down the street
1st up was the 11 inch worm: PAX inch wormed out to their block and did 10 irkins then inch wormed feet in then hands out away from the block and did 1 dirkin using the block. Inch wormed back the other way and continued on doing 11’s inchworm style till we got to 1 irkin and 10 dirkins. IT was a BLAST!

Then we partnered up for some Dora 123. The setup was as follows:
100 squats (w/coupon)
200 thrusters
300 squat thrusters… there was some questioning of the Q here…wondering if he misspoke… YHC did not
Partner had to cusak to opposite side of the parking lot and do 10 Bonnie Blairs (the hard way) and cusak back.

No one finished but the super team of Myrtle and Onehit came close!
There were sounds of Merlot but not sure if any actually came
We took our coupons and went home for Mary

you already know… coupon flutter kicks 30IC
for cadre padre… coupon box cutters 20IC
for America… coupon American hammers 20IC
Hold plank till the bell… about 30 seconds

Well done men!
1776 Games 4th of July 0700 at Red Dawn
Geppetto’s “Tour De Macon” continues tomorrow at The Yard

Praise for Buick’s 2×2.0 baptism tonight at Ingleside
Praise for Turnbuckle positive outcome in court with kids
Prayer for GPS in the DR
Prayer for Geppetto’s family and yard sale this saturday
Pledged it out