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20 Men Got together this morning at Red Dawn to get better physically and mentally as we did the Mental battle Wod together and this is what that looked like:

Let me say: I am neither a professional trainer despite my looks nor a mental health professional—what’s here are my own opinions. That said, Mental Health is a plague that impacts us all to varying degrees. For those of us that are experiencing deep depression or have a loved one depressed, seeing a professional therapist is the wise choice. Please, ask for help and have no shame about it.

For those of us experiencing the flux of mind—the battle between our divine nature and our needy, child-like mind—you are not alone. Not only are you not OYO, everyone you meet is in their own battle as well. I have found no better text than QSource in helping me wage war against the flux: Against my lesser self.

To Get Right by taking the DRP in order to Live Right by extending beyond our own selfish nature and serve our loved ones is the path to joy—the only place, mentally, that I have found to keep my inner demons starved of oxygen. In serving others, you go beyond yourself and embrace Fellowship with them.

“No OYO” is a common phrase we use when discussing Mental Health, because seeking Accelerated Fellowship is a shield against your sabotaging -self. What I mean by “Accelerated” Fellowship are people that will make you a better version of yourself because they seek the same Advantage.

Fitness is a key component. Here’s your WOD…


Side Straddle Hops: 1 minute
Arm circles: 30 seconds forward, 30 seconds backward
Daisy pickers & windmills ic x 10
Leg swings: 10 each leg

We then moseyed a couple laps with zero mumble chatter as we kept silent and circled back up at the pavilion, reflecting on how different the silence is but yet that’s what we often do in our own heads.

Consider your struggles mentally. What are you doing that leads to poor mental health? For example, drinking too much and/or too often; being overly negative in certain situations; etc. What can you do to improve? In F3 terms, what bricks do you need to lay to create guardrails?
We believe that an unfit man can’t lead as well as a fit man so……
Lets get better physically:

Jump Squats: 4 sets of 12 reps
Merkins: 4 sets of 15 reps
Lunges: 4 sets of 12 reps each leg
Plank: 4 sets of 45 seconds ish
LBC’s: 4 sets of 20 reps
Burpees: 5 sets of 10
Mountain Climbers: 4 sets of 20 hard way

We reflected during the workout how deceiving the rep could could be as the sets would slip up on us and that’s exactly how sin can be in our daily lives.

Mosey back to flag

Who do you know that’s struggling? What signs are they giving that lead you to think they are struggling with mental health? What can you do to support them? Sometimes sympathy is needed. Sometimes, tough love. These considerations are difficult to get right—I often default to tough love and that is not always best. Be intentional about what they need. Be adaptable to the situation, to the moment. Approach this with love for them.

On your six for Mary:
Box cutters. 25 ic, rest 25 ic again

Count & name o Rama
Announcements: marathon relay tomorrow @ red dawn. Be here and ready with coupon at 0430
All welcome!
Manion Wod next week
Murph prep daily challenge coming up
Masonic home 5k

Praise and prayer
Huffy getting to go to state in track
Steven Howards knee

Enjoyed it this morning fellas!

Great work men.