AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Steven DeGeorge
PAX: T-Zo (Pat Day), Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Chaps
FNGs: None
WARMUP: The usual: hamstring and quad stretch bear hug, merkins

Mosey to the soccer field. Brief detour to talk. We needed to get Chaps to retell the confusing story he mumbled at us during warmup.
FYI… there’s this guy Melvin that’s processing his paperwork for retirement. That name triggered a memory for Chaps from a movie. “Breakfast Club” maybe? Anyway, he immediately did some impromptu research on the etymological roots of the name Melvin. All of this, of course, on the tax payers dime. He discovered that the name means “Bad Town.” This research then lead him to the Wikipedia page of one of the most famous Melvinsever, a bmovie actor from the unforgettable film “Universal Soldier” whose last name unbelievably escapes me. The story really climaxed with this unexpected twist: Melvin what’s-his-name’s father is the relatively famous film director “Mario” of the same last name that I’ve forgotten. Here’s the twist! we all assumed that his coworker Melvin was some relation or maybe even the famous actor himself who now works at “the base” in the retirement processing department. We figured that we just lost the thread in the mumbly gloom.


Circle of pain monkey humpers
Bearathon to Flathead Hollow
Circle abs WW3
Circle abs LBCs

Arrived at flathead hollow

Dora 123
Run hill and run down.
100 push ups 200 air squats 300 LBCs

Circle of Pain – Merkins

Mosey back

MARY: Freddy’s, 1 minute 6 inch leg lifts, 1 minute Superman hold.
Democratic abs: Tzo got us some American hammers.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Christmas Eve gathering.
COT:praying for Chaps’ retirement, Jamie’s baby, and for our fallen warriors (Capsize, TI, MoonDolphin, etc…)