AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Capsize
PAX: Capsize, Chaps, Moon Dolphin, Firefly
FNGs: None
Bear hug
Trunk rotation
Back stretch
High kicks, open the gate, high knees on sidewalk to foutain
The theme was to do each exercise we could at a slow 4 count
At fountain
-please to me 10 4 count IC
Derkins low and slow 4 count IC 10
In place swirleys 4 count IC
Dips 4 count IC low and slow, 10
Moseyed to coupons at Wesley Foundation
Rinse and repeat
15 4 count IC binoculars
10 4 count IC Overhead press
5 man makers
15 WW3 sit-ups
5 core moondolphin, mission statement Firefly( way to go)
Creed Chaps
15 4 count IC curls
15 4 count IC upright rows
15 WW3 sit-ups
15 4 count IC skull crushers
Lunge walk with coupon to the first street light up college
5 man makers
Lunge walk
4 man makers at next light until we decreased by one and no manmakers on 7th light
We prayed for Alexander 2 school
Farmer carried back
Moseyed to base
Mary by committee
Chaps 20 4 count LBC
Moon Dolphin 20 4 count IC heel touch

Gobbler challenge
Prayed for families at thanksgiving