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Q: Fun Run
PAX: Gaylord, Downy, Myrtle, Ratatouille, Fun Run, Run Flat
FNGs: None

Disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement, Credo
Daisy Pickers
Groin Stretch
Quad Strecthes
Warmup 400M


800M at same fast pace we ran our 400M at last week. Plan for 1200M next week at same pace.
Straights and Curves-Bernie Sanders the straight part of the track and run hard on the curves (slightly less than a sprint). We did 800M worth of those.

Mosey to the steep hill on the trail (Little Round Top) for some hill runs. We sprinted up the hill and moseyed back down. I think we got 4 or 6 rounds in before it was time to head to the flag.

MARY: Overhead Air Ruck Flutterkicks and plank party

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Runs and 12 miles of Ruckmas

COT: Prayers for Dukes Dad and safe travels in the weather this weekend for those going to Savannah.