AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Maestro
PAX: Maestro, Run Flat, Szczerbiak, Brutus, Bob Ross, OneHit, Mr. Fixit, Buick, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans
FNGs: None
WARMUP: there was no warmup we went straight into a mosey

Gathered on the big hill at front entrance for some fun.

First circled up for a side shuffle in a circle and 20 merkins where we stopped on Brutus command and then OneHits

Then 5 rounds of betniesanders
With 25 plank jacks at the bottom each time

Then flapjacks with Mike Tyson’s on each side of the lane with lunge walk as mode of transportation started at 11 workweek our way down

Then squats with a twist of Bernie
Squat 10 Bernie up
Squat 20 run down
Squat 30 Bernie up
Squat 40 run down

Then lunge walk up the hill
And then second time just for giggles

Then made it back for Mary for some awesome
Gas pumps ic 20
Seated flutter kicks ic 20

Onehit was our 6th man. Thanks for sharing brother!

Prayed of mens hike