AO: ao-the-pantheon
Q: Peaches
PAX: Lobos, Papa Roach, Peaches, Schrute, Spackler, Dangerfield, Lefty
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Disclaimer, 5 Core, Mission Statement, Credo. Explained Mary is the jealous kind. She felt left out so we started with Mary. High Plank, Shoulder Tap, Flutter Kick, WWI SUP’s, Six inches. IC varying count, we got bout six minutes worth. Some looks and mumble chatter. It was great! Let Q be the Q!
THE THANG: President Obama 44th USP. 44’s across parking lot. Bear Crawl 4 steps, 4 Merkins side to side across parking lot to get our heart rate up. Hog Jog to a Hill. Quick COP 5 Merkins before we got into 7’s with a Bernie Sanders up the Hill. 1 Merkin at the bottom, Bernie Sanders up Hill 6 squats at top. Pax hold Plank until 6. We stay together at the Pantheon. PAX took turns calling out exercise focusing on proper introduction and order. See not so bad! Hog Jog to a lake and got into some step ups. I believe the number was 50. Hog Jog to the Flag. Got in “These Darn Things” somewhere along the way. Come join us next week to find out about that exercise.
MARY: She wanted to be First!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cantrell, Sleep out, low country boil crossroads. We’re never more like Christ than when we’re serving others.
COT: Really good one. Shrute was our 6 man. Prayers for work. Easy to see him accelerating. Prayers for YDC. Short staffed. Prayer for staff and the staff to come. Spack shared about Faith. It was an awesome morning. Encouraged and blessed by the Fellas that came out! Missed some Fellas. 7 this morning be great to get 10 next week! Love you guys!