AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Buzzard
PAX: Buick, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Piggyback, Mr. Beast, Fun Run, Myrtle, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Spackler, Git-R- Done, Sandcastle, Bozo
FNGs: None
Welcome: Disclaimer, Credo Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles- Told the guys I was proud of them for doing the hard thing and that was getting up and being there. So we were going to have a little FUN this morning -and FUN was had.
Warm UP:
Daisy Picker- 15 oyo- It was kind of weird but was worth a shot
Willie Mays Hays-15 in Cadence
Mini Mosey around the cars
Big Arm Circles Forward and Backwards
Longer Mosey around Car Pickup

The Thang: Rollin Dice
Mike Tysons
Lunges in Place
Deep Squats
Crab Walks
Hill Run
Bear Crawl
Stopped after one round for a midround 6th man- Heard from Bozo and how we could be praying for him in the midst of the beat down. For his family and his business. (Thank you for Sharing)
1776 on the 4th
Myrtle frying up catfish Saturday in Gray for Outdoor Ministry
Pop Up Beatdown tomorrow at Publix on Thomaston Road
Piggyback gave update on his daughter and we will continue to pray for clarity with their family on the next steps
Gruel: Prayed for a him to be able to continue to minister to the people he is in contact with.
Sandcastle: Prayed for his upcoming work trip and the Gospel Conversation that he has been working on having with one of his coworkers.
Buzzard: Thankful for the men in the group and watching the example they are setting for other men and prayed over them and the influence they have everyday.
Pledged it out!