AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: TI (Adam C)
PAX: Q-Tip, TI (Adam C), Blues Traveler, Boucher, Chaps, Capsize, Fire Fly, Moon Dolphin, Blazer, Seafood
FNGs: None

• Mosey for 5 minutes to fountain
• air squats 4ct IC
• Fountain box step-ups (10 each leg)
• 10 box jumps

Mosey to coupon pile, grab a coupon. Walk 30 paces, lunge walk 10 paces, rinse and repeat until you get to get to mercer campus.
• balanced lunges (top of foot on block) 10 each leg
• calf raise squats (with block) 20 OYO
• BBS 4Ct IC
• super skaters 4Ct IC
• Mosey to wall OYO
• wall squat – while each person recites the mission statement.
• BBS 4Ct IC
• step-back lunges (10 each leg)
• alternating side lunges (toe up) (10 each side)
• BBS 4Ct IC
• single leg wall squat
• deadlift single leg squats (with block) (10 each side)
• BBS 4Ct IC
• three-way lunge (5 each leg)
• sneaky lunge (on toes) all together for a distance
• BBS 4Ct IC
• chair salutations (like Capsize does but end in a chair) all together
• toe roll iso lunge (10 each side)
• BBS 4Ct IC
• groucho walk (10 paces front, then back, then front, then back)
• calf raises (in, straight, out – with block)
• BBS 4Ct IC
• 80-20 speed squat

Bring blocks back to pile, mosey to flags.

Mary in parking lot.