AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Maestro
PAX: Chaps, T-Zo (Pat Day), Maestro, None
FNGs: 1 None

Imperial walkers ic 20
Willie mays hays ic 20
Squat ic 12
Merkin ic 12

Started with
11’s mike tysons/squats

Ran a 1/4 mile and grabbed some coupons
Took the coupons to a nice spot on the wall next to the chapel, and proceeded with some people’s chair

First exercise was a people share with an overhead press
Then peoples chair with a curl
Then a people share with toes up
Then a people chair with toe raises
Then, while the coupon on your shoulder 25 calf raises in cadence

We then took the coupons back, dropped them off and did 50 step ups in front of the Wesley House

Ran around Tattnall Square, Park a little bit got to Mary right at 5:54 for a full-fledged Mary

We started with a flutter kick then the seated flutter kick then the dolly, then the squeaky Rosalita and I believe there were some lbc’s’s in there somewhere

ANNOUNCEMENTS: the 1776 games will be at Randa on July 4 at 0700. If you’re in town please come over you’re gonna love it.
COT: each man shared about what was going on in their life and what was coming up. Thankful for you man in the wilderness. I always enjoy coming over.