AO: Ao-Pound
Q: Duke
PAX: Dill, Noodles, Garth, Micro, Duke
FNGs: None

Micro gave us the 5 CP after coming in on two wheels, Disclaimer, Credo, Mission Statement

YHC was feeling a bit nostalgic for Papa Roach, hence the workout title and acronyms.


Peter Parkers 20 IC
Alternating Shoulder Taps 30 OYO (single count)
Pickle Pounders 20 OYO
Alternating Side Squats 30 OYO (single count)

Bernie to the Love Shack for 2 bricks. Head to the loop for rounds of exercises.


All exercises will be AMRAP for 2 minutes. In between each exercise, PAX will move to the next light pole in various fashions.

Rows (Bent Over)
Overhead Press
Abyss Merkins
Captain Thor (1 BBSU/4 AH, increase ratios by 1:4 each time)
Hallelujah Willie Mays Hayes (bricks in the air during the side to side)

Spiced Rum Squat (1 minute for each leg)
Air Squared
Pistons (squat, pick up bricks, come up, go back down, leave bricks, come back up)
Sixty Second Arm Circles (both ways)

Return bricks to the Love Shack.


Heels to Heaven 10 OYO
Alabama Ass Kickers 10 (hard way) IC
Reverse Crunches 20 OYO
Diamond Merkins 10 IC


Announcements: Get in F3 Forsyth Slack, All Night Ruck this Friday starting at 9:00 PM from the Colony. 2.0 Event Friday, June 23 from 6-until at the Pound.

Prayer Requests: Garth’s dedication to coming out to workouts, Dill and Noodles going on cruises, Duke’s job interview results