AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Ben Stallard (TaterSalad)
PAX: FreeBird, Myrtle, Piggyback, Fun Run, Precious, Brutus
FNGs: None
Jump squats
Leg back touch your toes
3 1 leg burpees each

Mosey to parking loop


The loop each round consists of:
10 burpees
1 lap
10 air squats
1 lap
10 push-ups
1 lap
10 sit-ups
1 lap
AMRAP on rounds alternate forward run and backward run on laps

Mosey to pavilion

AMRAP 2 minutes each exercise
Step ups w/ knee raise
Star crunch
180 jump squats

Basketball court

Harriet (Tabata)
8 Rounds for Reps in 4 minutes
20 seconds of Mountain Climbers (2-count) / 10 second Sprint (no rest)

Reverse LBCs
One legged glute bridge
Oblique crunches
2 rounds

ANNOUNCEMENTS: look out for newsletter this month as it will have a lot of good info. Make sure you look to the man to your right to make sure they get a copy.

COT: prayers for Freebird’s M neck pain subsides, safety and good weather for men’s hike crew, and comfort for Nashville families.