AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Ben Stallard (TaterSalad)
PAX: OneHit, GPS, Scooter, Capsize, Buzzard, SEC, Mr. Fixit, Maestro, Buick, Huffy
FNGs: None
Mountain Man Poopers
Apollo Ohnos
Motor City Shuffle – Complete in order: Lunge x2, burpee, merkins x5, plank jacks x5, frog hop = 1

3x 10 min AMRAP circuits with 2 min EMOM of 5 merkins for duration of beatdown

Circuit 1 (Coupons)
Jump overs 10 Total
Side bends 10 each side
Lay on back and OH extensions 10
Leg overs 10 each side
Grave Diggers 10 each side

Circuit 2 (pull up bars)
5 burp-ups with a leg up
SSH 50
Butterly Situps 15
Oblique Blasters 10 each side
Take a lap

Circuit 3 (wall)
Australian Mountain Climbers 10 total
Imperial Walkers 30 total
Chicken Peckers 10 total
star jacks 10 total

6in pulses
Straight leg LBCs
Heels to Heaven

hockey and 5 year

Myrtle’s procedure tomorrow, SECs brother leg to heel, Huff decision making and facing consequences of actions, and Gods work in Lisa’s life to set on a path of recovery.