AO: ao-streakers
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: Fun Run, Myrtle
FNGs: None
As Scooter and Gaylord departed, I arrived to join Myrtle and Fun Run for a few laps on the trail. Anytime Scooters around there is never an issue getting a snarky title for the workout. Pretty sure if Gaylord does eventually have a son, his name will be Duke. But Gaylord, I don’t suggest getting Duke’s mayo involved in the process. There are better options out there. Although Scooter can get you a big ass jar if you decide to go that route.

Apparently Run Flat was around somewhere as well. Maybe in the bushes or behind a sign or something. He was a ghost to me but there was a rumor his presence was felt along the way.

2 laps on the trail

Not today


Fun Run had to bolt so I prayed for Myrtle and I.