AO: ao-about-face
Q: OneHit
PAX: Lipitor, Mr. Fixit, Tater Salad, T-Swizzle, OneHit, Rollover
FNGs: None
Bear hug, chinooks, daisy pickers, big arm circles, Grady corns, windmills x 15

Mosey to empty lot for rounds of howling monkeys, 10,5,1
Mosey to Gilligan’s Island for four corners.
Corner 1: merkins
Corner 2: mountain climbers
Corner 3: Big boy sit-ups
Corner 4: Flutter kicks
25 reps in each corner (hard way when applicable)
Bear crawl short sides, Bernie long sides
(That’s where things got interesting, ask Tater and Fixit for clarity bc I ain’t giving it lol)
Return to middle for 10 SSH after each corner exercise.
4 rounds.

Mosey back to About face. Partner up & grab a coupon for 25 man makers between the two of you while one partner runs around bldg and other does exercise.

Lbc, box cutters 20 ic
Catheter’s oblique blasters x 10 each side oyo

United in pink run sat & ipc week 4
Healing from whatever camel non filter smoking cough sound is coming from t swizzle
Fixits dad having back surgery
Rollover son and M
Praise for Lipitor M being back and new appreciation for single parents.
Praise from Lipitor for men stepping up to help lead in his absence
Prayer for men of f3

Good work men!
Love y’all