AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Bagpipe
PAX: Bagpipe, Biff, Chumz, Cousin Eddie, Lazy Dog, Ranga, The Grinch, Waterboy, Animal
FNGs: None

Daisy Pickers x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Wormkins x 5

Mosey To The Coupon Shed
Grab (2) Coupons


Bent Over Rows x 10
w/ (2) Coupons

Farmers Carry Coupons to little road.

Curls x 10
Overhead Press x 10

Mosey to Fire Pit

Tricep Dips x 10
Irking x 10
Tricep Dips x 10

Mosey to End of little road in front of church stairs

Wormkins x 5

Mosey back to Coupons

Flutter Kicks x 10 (Double Count)

Farmers Carry Coupons back to start

Repeat Until 5:55 am

Mosey To MARY


LBCs c 20
BoxCutters x 12
LBCs x 20


5K Jingle Jog – Max Fitness
Tomorrow morning
Raising money to build a new playground that has special access for the cool kids

Ruckmas – 12 Mile Ruck
Tomorrow morning 4 AM at FPD in Macon, GA


Prayed for sick kiddos.
Told the Lord, how thankful we are to have each other in the F3 group.

COUSIN EDDIE played Santa
What an awesome gift thank you very much COUSIN EDDIE