AO: Ao-Streakers
Q: Dirty Dawg
PAX: Fun Run, Scooter, Dirty Dawg, Downy, Maestro, OneHit
FNGs: None
WARMUP: F3, FPD, Dirty Dawg not liable nor responsible for any injuries; push, but don’t hurt yourself. 600M jog to the Red starting line; Maestro led us in stretches of Willie & the boys while Dirty Dawg gave Junkyard 400 instructions: in 1 lap you sprint 800M. 100M forward sprint, 50M reverse jog- rinse & repeat.
THE THANG: Junkyard 400 X3 w 10 merkins & 20 LBCs in between. Full rest, jog to Neighborhood Hill Repeats 200M X4. Makes for a solid Sprint Day
MARY: Protractors 90, 30, 45, 60 repeats; Freddy Mercuries IC15
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Have a goal/ purpose to your exercise… sign up for Convergence and/or a 5k or higher.
COT: Countarama 6; Namarama Completed;  Great mumble chatter around needing accountability; depression & the Sat beatdown; prayer requests done.