AO: ao-hermods-hideaway
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Snoopy, Bozo, Downy, Fun Run, Run Flat
FNGs: None
Disclaimer, 5 Core, Mission Statement, and Credo were all given.

Daisy Pickers 12x IC
SSH 12x IC
Imperial Walkers 12x IC
Bear Hugs 12x IC

We opened with an Indian Run that gradually increased in tempo over 2.5 laps. This was definitely the fastest Indian Run I’ve ever been a part! Great push guys!

After 45 seconds of rest, we proceeded to the below:

– 8 rounds of 50m Sprint, then 100m Jog, followed by 45 seconds of rest between rounds.
– 3 rounds of 100m Sprint with 45 seconds of rest between rounds.
– 4 rounds of 200m at a moderate to high pace with 45 seconds of rest between.
– 1 final 300m at a moderate to high pace to bring it home for the COT.

Nope, not today!

Peachtree City 15k October 21st
See Slack for all other races, events, and announcements.

Snoopy job
Bozo’s son
All other unspoken

Thank you men for the push each and every day. The training and the early mornings are the best part, not the events we train for that come and go.